Venue Furniture

Details and photos regarding in-house furniture that is included with the venue rental can be found below.  Wedding rentals have the full scope of furniture for use, private events are limited to tables and chairs.

Event Chairs
Amount available: 199

60″ Round Tables
Amount available: 20

8ft Rectangular Tables
Amount available: 20

First Floor Mobile Bar
Amount Available: 1

Hightop Cocktail Tables
Amount available: 10

Ballroom Bar Stools
Amount available: 15

5×7 Oriental Rug
Amount available: 1

Art Deco Lamps (2ft tall)
Amount available: 2

Rustic Bench
Amount available: 1

Sweetheart Table & Chairs

We have an exclusive relationship with All Occasions Party Rental. We are happy to work with you to facilitate and provide their rental information for linens, tents, dishware etc. View our list of recommended vendors.

AV Equipment

Each floor of the WBU is equipped with a PA system and set of speakers, two microphones and an auxiliary cable with an adapter for an Iphone.  All WBU audio equipment is for indoor use only. If hiring a DJ or band, they typically bring in their own equipment and use ours as backup. 

First Floor Mixer & PA System

Second Floor Ballroom Mixer & Speakers

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