Directions & Parking

Welcome to our venue!  We ask our patrons to check out our maps below to find our location and parking lots easier.

Our Location

We are located at 1958 Varley St in the Spring Hill neighborhood.

We provide a simple map that you can share with your guests until we resolve the GPS issues. We are working on resolving this issue but GPS can send folks on unnecessary routes to get to us, when in reality it’s a simple route that only requires a few turns.  


We have a parking lot onsite that holds 50 cars though we strongly recommend lyft/uber and shuttle services for events with over 80 guests.

We have two parking lots and if our lots are full, we recommend you park on Buente St. and Homer St. We politely ask that you avoid parking on Rescue Street as it is a small residential street and there is no access to the building from that street. 

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